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Germany 2022 • 95 min. • Director: Niclas Mehne



Rebecca (Pina Kühr) is uncertain about what her future life should look like. On the one hand, she is on her way to becoming a teacher, and on the other hand, her passion for making films won't let her go. When her new short film JULIA. I LIKE is accepted at a film festival, she and her team travel to Saarbrücken for the premiere.
Once at the festival. however, it's not just Rebecca who has to deal with her life's dreams. Her ex-boyfriend and cameraman Andie (Nikolaus Sternfeld), as well as her cast Robert (Andreas Berg) and Saskia (Anne Düe), also throw themselves into the festival life in order to land new jobs. For Robert, this undertaking is not exactly easy, as he is forced to spend the night with film fan Ingo (Daniel Zillmann), who won't leave his side - and himself tries to find interested parties for his script. At the end of the festival, the question remains: who got what they wanted?

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